Puppy Application

pomeranian puppyBreeders have a  duty of care to all puppies that are born in their care. This means breeders feel a tremendous responsibility when it comes to finding the right home in which to place any puppy.

The number one priority is that every puppy deserves, and should be given the chance, to enjoy a long, happy, healthy life, in a loving home and will be treated as a loved member of the family and not merely a pet. This is the exact same way that breeders care for the puppies to begin with.

This form is the starting point for providing us with some basic information about you and your family and your answers help us to determine whether your home will be an ideal fit for one of our adorable, loving puppies. Our goal is to match the puppy and the family together so the end result is a long, happy, healthy life for all involved.

All Dochlaggie Pomeranians must be returned to us if they need to be re-housed or given to a different approved home.

Pomeranians sold within Australia are sold desexed or on a strict desexing contract only as pets and they’ll only have a limited kennel club registration. This means they can participate in endurance, field, agility, obedience and tracking trials, earth dog tests and also sweepstakes that are related to these events. However, they’re not permitted to participate in conformation shows (unless, with my approval registration is upgraded to permit participation in neuter classes) and aren’t eligible for a kennel club export certificate. They can’t be used in breeding.

Quality Champions, Show and Breeding Pomeranians are often available to overseas shows and breeding homes.

If you have carried out sufficient research to know that you’re 100% sure that a Pomeranian is the right dog breed to fit in with your lifestyle, then it’s time to complete an application form, providing as much information as possible. Answer all the questions and then we can take it from there. Every application will receive a reply.







The rest of the questions will help in making sure you get matched with the most suitable Pomeranian. Some are suited to a family and others might be better off with a single person.

What are your living arrangements?
Are you an owner or renter?
How many people live under your roof?
Ages and occupations of all the adults and ages of the children (if applicable).
If you work, how long will your puppy be left at home each day and will it be on their own?
Will your puppy live in the home or outside?
Will he stay inside or outside if nobody is home?
If it’s outside, what sort of shelter will be provided?
Will your new pet become part of your family? Will he spend most of his time with the family? Where will his bed be?
Is your yard fenced so he can’t escape?
Are all householders ready to take responsibility for the care of the new addition to the family?
Will you do any special training with your new dog? (i.e. obedience school, etc.)
Will you have somebody look after him when you go on vacation?
Will you breed this dog? Have you bred a litter before?
Will you desex the puppy when he/she is the right age?
Are there other household pets and if yes, what sort?
Have you owned pets before and, if so, what type?
Do you have a gender preference?
Will this puppy be a gift?
Have you owned a Pomeranian before?
Do you have any knowledge about this breed (e.g. health, temperament, etc?)
If it became necessary, would you return the puppy to where you got him from?
What other information would you like to add to this application to help with the decision-making process? The more that is known about you and your family, the easier a decision will be.

Everybody who buys a puppy must agree to the following terms.

Booking Fee: A $500 booking fee will secure you a place on our waiting list, or reserve the puppy of your choice. The $500 goes toward the total purchase price. The booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE but is transferable at my discretion.
All Payments are Non Refundable.
A payment is regarded as acceptance of the available Pomeranian and the terms of the Dochlaggie sales contract. All payments are forfeit in the event you change your mind for any reason. Don’t make a payment unless you’re completely certain you want the Pomeranian.

The total payment must be received a minimum of seven business days prior to you taking your puppy home. This enables your payment to clear. The puppy won’t leave unless this payment has been received.

Please understand that these rules are in place because we have had numerous issues with payments in the past. So please ensure you’re certain before making a commitment.

Cash payment on the day is an acceptable payment method, but we prefer bank payment as this proves a record of payment which is necessary to cover both parties in case of problems.

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