Steps To A Puppy

Dochlaggie Pomeranian Puppies

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Dochlaggie Pomeranian puppy! You’re purchasing a quality puppy from one of the world’s leading Pomeranian kennels.

Dochlaggie doesn’t have a 10 page questionnaire for you to fill out. Nor do we want to co-own your puppy.

Dochlaggie has established the following process to make purchasing a quality Pomeranian puppy as simple and pleasurable as possible:

Step 1. Complete our puppy application form and be sure to include information about yourself and the Pomeranian you would like – e.g. Do you want a male or female? Do you want this Pomeranian for show/breeding or as a pet? Do you have colour preferences? I’ll reply with details of upcoming available puppies.

Step 2. Now I require a $500 non-refundable booking fee to either place you on our waiting list, or to reserve the puppy of your choice. The $500 goes toward the total purchase price. All payments are non-refundable. Contact us for a copy of our sales contract. Dochlaggie sell all puppies with a written sales guarantee and a health declaration.

In the event that a suitable puppy isn’t available from the litter the deposit was intended for, the booking fee is good for any mutually agreed upon future litter. This booking fee does not expire. As show quality Pomeranians only produce small litters, Dochlaggie only places 4 or 5 people on our waiting list at any stage, thus keeping the waiting time as short as possible. Dochlaggie provide you with updates and photos and you’re also able to join our Pomeranian Community on Pomeranians Australia as well as the Dochlaggie Group on Facebook.

Dochlaggie Pomeranians for updates and photos.

Step 3. When the puppy is 6 weeks old, the remaining balance due must be paid in full. Also at this stage pups will have their 1st vaccination and be microchipped. The pups will be vet-checked and a 100% certified healthy certificate will be issued or it won’t be sold.

Step 4. At 8 weeks of age, the puppy will be shipped to you (at your expense), or if you prefer, you may collect it from our property. You’ll also be given a diet/care sheet of what we feed our pups, worming information, Pomeranian puppy care guide. and a vaccination card together with the microchip forms.

Dochlaggie owners are provided with a copy of our books:

The Pomeranian Handbook

The eBook:  Grooming your Pomeranian

The eBook: Healthy Home Cooking For Your Pomeranian

The eBook: Training your Pomeranian

Free premium membership is provided to the Pomeranian Information and Resource website for all Dochlaggie owners.

Orange boy

Dochlaggie offers lifetime support and is available to our clients 24/7. Dochlaggie cares about where our puppies go and we want to be regularly updated on their progress. We can help with any training/behavioural issues, grooming, health concerns, nutritional questions, and any other questions/concerns that may arise. Our goal is to have long-term, happy clients who become friends of our family.